Friday, April 21, 2006

Kids sizing mini-rant

Three years ago, I made a hat and capris for DD from Simplicity 5540. She was six years old, going into a size six. The pants were, um, rather large. I told her they were cropped pants, not capris, and figured she'd be able to wear them for several years. Now, she's 9 and the last jeans I bought for her were a size 10 slim. We pulled out the summer clothes box last week, and she put those purple capris on yet again. She had to work at it just a little; they're *just* big enough to get over her hips...but the length is perfect. It just needs a wee bit of length added to the back crotch seam. So, I'm thinking I'm going to use some stretch twill and denim I have in the stash, use 3/8" side seams instead of 5/8" and she'll have some capris that fit. In a slightly modified size 6.

She can also still wear Simplicity 5641, which I made for her in a slightly lengthened size 5, for Easter that same year. It hits her just above her knees now and actually looks really good.

I feel kinda bad for letting her run around in such oversized clothes in years past.

But...she's a 10 slim...and the dress is a 5...the pants are a 6...who'da thunk that they'd've been so big? Has anyone else found kids patterns to be way oversized related to RTW? Why do you suppose that is?

I guess I just need to take new measurements each time I sew for her. Nuisance for both of us.

But I should get the capris made real soon; several things in that summer box WERE outgrown!

But she's happy she can still wear the dress...


  1. Perhaps the discrepancy in children's sizes is to get them used to the idea. Then, when they are adults, it will be no surprise:)

  2. But...once in the adult sizes, it goes the other way; RTW runs bigger than standard pattern sizing. Ah, well, at least it's consistently independant!

  3. i have no idea why it is like that, but i just traced off a pair of boxer shorts (timberlane press ones, so it's not just the big 4) for calvin. he is 6.5 years old, and granted, he is small for his age, but i ended up tracing off a size TWO!!! i compared the measurements to a pair of RTW ones he already has (size S), and they were the same! i'm prolly going to have to make them even a bit smaller, since the RTW ones hang on him. it's ridiculous.