Thursday, April 06, 2006

In My Closet

I thought about posting a picture...but really, what can you see in a picture of a closet? Shoulders edge-on and the bottom flare of the skirts. Nothing impressive.

Anyway, there's a discussion on Sewing World about Midlife Chic that's got me thinking about the whole 'look' thing. So I'll talk about what's in the closet. For a long time I said I had four wardrobes in my closet, but now, with the addition of some softer tailored Loes Hinse pieces, I think I've got five. The original four are Strictly Business (tailored jackets, skirts, pants), Ritzy Glitzy (party clothes...this is a very small wardrobe), Fun & Funky (I used to call this one 'Funky Chunky', but decided I needed to drop the 'Chunky' more ways than one. Haven't quite gotten rid of all the 'chunky', but at least I'm not proclaiming it anymore) and Lands' End Mom. 'Fun and Funky' is mostly comprised of Sewing Workshop stlye garments, which are quirky, funky and fun to wear...and tend to push the Teen Son into his eye-rolling routine. I'm still trying to decide what to call the simple but elegant softer tailored things...they don't really fit into the other four but I haven't found a label that sums them up like the others, either. I mean, when I say 'Lands' End Mom', everyone knows what I'm talking about. This year's SWAP, as a whole, is more a part of that 5th group, too, and it doesn't have a name either.

But that's a basic description of what's in my closet. I'm afraid I mostly live in Lands' End Mom clothes, although I'm trying to move a little more into the 5th group, which is easy to wear but looks nice. (I thought about calling it 'Nice 'n' Easy' but I really don't want to associate it with drug store hair color). I need to get away from wearing jeans so much.

But the toughest part of the wardrobe to update, to me, is the accessories. Scarves, jewelry, shoes, purses. Omigosh...purses. That's really a fashion mystery to me. I have a medium sized black leather backpack from Wilson's Leather that I carry virtually all the time (ok, I don't carry it if I'm dressed in Ritzy Glitzy, but the rest of the time...yeah...). Scarves I do sometimes; my jewelry tends to be the stuff my husband has given me over the years. It's usually small and very simple, but, hey, he gave it to me and I'm a sentimental mush so...that's what I wear. Shoes? Well, I have a size 6 1/2 WIDE foot...just try shopping for shoes with a 6 1/2 W foot. I've been lurking around on Zappo's for a while, but I haven't bought anything yet. I need to, soon, though, because the last batch of dress shoes are wearing out. See, I happened to hit Shoe Carnivale at a fortuitious moment a few (um, ok, several) years ago and they had a bunch of Hush Puppy shoes in one style...and it was available in 6 1/2 W. I bought 4 pairs, in different colors. They've worn well, although there have been a few times when I've dressed in a hurry and then discovered after arriving at my destination that I had one blue shoe and one black shoe on my feet. I've definitely gotten my money's worth from them, but I haven't had such luck at SC since. Shoes are definitely a problem.

But I'm working on it! I've come a long way from the cheap poly doubleknit queen I was back in my teens and twenties... ;)


  1. Easy Chic??

    I'm a one-purse girl too. I find one I like that works and I use it until it wears out. I just can't be bothered to take the stuff in/out all the time. I've always been this way so I don't see that changing. I do change if/when I get dressed up, but then to a small neutral purse with a thin shoulder strap that just holds the essentials.

    Accessories ... hmmm. I'm sorely lacking in that department. But I think it's by choice because I used to buy (and wear) accessories to match outfits all the time. Now, I wear my wedding rings, gold/diamond earrings, and well ... that's it. I don't even like fiddling with necklaces any more. But maybe I should start looking at some again. Or maybe I'll just buy more fabric. :-)

  2. Oh, I'm a woman of many purses! It can be a pain to change stuff around all the time, but I do find out what's actually in there when I do it. I used to do the Suzan Briganti bag thing. They had a snap-in liner that you moved from purse to purse which was really handy. I still use the liner part of the time and move it around from bag to bag. It holds the core of stuff I really need, and I can always find those things, as it has lots of pockets.

    I used to call your Group 5 "Casual Elegance", but now everyone thinks you're talking about the fabric site if you say that. It's the kind of clothing that makes me think of Resort Collections. It's my favorite, too, and what I try to wear the most, but don't always quite make it.

    I'm a bracelet girl mainly, although I wear earrings always. I think with scarves, you should buy the ones that you absolutely love, and wear them forever, or until you don't love them anymore.

  3. I called that 5th catagory "Casual Chic" for years. It was my style until I got heavier (menopause, laziness, medication, and eating more) and stopped dressing well for a while, but I am on my way down again--slowly. I too have a 6-1/2W with a high arch. I know how shoe shopping can leave you frustrated and nearly in tears. Do feet lose weight?