Friday, April 14, 2006

The Historic Dogwood

It was a beautiful day at the Botanical Garden yesterday...the 'Historic Dogwood' was in full bloom. This tree is about 120 years old, but until 10 years ago it was growing west of town, near a road that had to be widened. After much negotiation, the tree was dug up and transported to the Garden, where it obviously has settled right down. It's an amazing story and I was tickled to death that we happened to go at dogwood blossom time.

There's a Canada goose gander in the photo, too; as we walked around the water garden, which is to the left of the photo, we found his mate sitting on a nest with about 6 or 7 eggs:

We had a good, refreshing day.

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  1. Oh, Lisa, I do miss the garden. We have other gardens here,but there's nothing like the things you grow up with to make you nostalgic:)I remember as a child visiting Big Spring and feeding the ducks every Sunday....
    Thanks for posting the photos.