Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Finish one, start one

The photos and the little (hah! I ended up with over a page's worth) of written detail went off to Julie at Timmel Fabrics yesterday, and I added all the extra photos to the SWAP album linked on the side bar. I was kind of miffed at myself, somehow I missed getting a photo of an outfit with the black skirt...but the batteries in the camera died and I could NOT find any anywhere in the house. But it's the same fabric as the black pants...so it's not like a major mystery as to how the black skirt would look with the tops. I was just not happy with myself for missing it. But the SWAP is officially DONE.

So last night I started New Projects...I traced off about 4 patterns for DD, then cut out two skirts and a t-shirt for her. That child needs clothes, so I've got some work. I need to cut out a couple of pairs of capris, too, but I ran out of time.

And, do you know, when I sat down to update the fabric stash to reflect the fact that I used up two entire pieces from the stash...I discovered that somehow I'd overlooked both of them! One was a gift from my DMIL, so I'm not surprised it didn't get logged in, but the other piece has been residing in my stash for at least 10 years. I must've missed it somehow when I did the original 'swatch and measure' project. Oh, well, it does cut down on the volume of the stash...that's two pieces gone from the bins...even if it doesn't reduce the current total.

I wonder how many other pieces of stealth stash are lurking in those bins? ;)


  1. Wow. Congratulations. I know that it must take a lot of mental stamina to get through a swap.

    I don't think I have what it takes, really! My hat is off to you. (:

  2. Thanks, CT! But it really wasn't that hard...after costuming Scrooge, 11 garments in 3 months really wasn't bad. The toughest part was doing two jackets -- the test and the real thing-- back to back. That really stretched my attention span. But 10 out of 11 garments in the set were made from stash and it was stuff that I'd been meaning to make for ages anyway. ;)