Friday, April 07, 2006

Decision Time

I finished the white twin set to the buttons/buttonholes yesterday; that'll be a quick finish-off today, then I will be down to the grey blouse. I've got to decide what to do about the grey blouse, apart from the changes I need to make to the pattern. It has been perculating in the back of my brain all week, and I think I've got a plan. I'm going to unstitch the underarms, which is no small task; that seam was straight stitched twice in the underarm area, then the seams were serged together. Anyway, once the underarm is opened up, I'll put the blouse on and get DH or perhaps DD to measure how much it spreads when I raise my arms, then draft a football-shaped gusset and sew into the underarm. It may not be perfectly elegant, but I really don't think it will be that noticeable and it should make the blouse wearable. We'll's worth a try. Meantime, do I keep this blouse in the SWAP or make a substitution? I kind of need it...I seem to remember the rules saying we should have two blouses, as opposed to simple pullover tops. Perhaps I'd best check w/Julie (from Timmel Fabrics...the lady who's sponsoring the whole SWAP competition) and see if the lace shell will qualify as a blouse...I do have a royal blue twinset that I can put into the combo. But the photos and blog write up are all due a week from tomorrow; it's time to make up my mind.

Anyway, I've got a bunch of handwork to do while the laundry runs today!

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