Monday, April 17, 2006

Day One

Every self-improvement program has a Day One...some are more distinct than others.

Almost 6 years ago, DH and I embarked on the Body-for Life Challenge...we took photos, sent in the essay and everything. Our results were probably more normal than the ones that are posted on the site, and certainly not as jaw-dropping as the Challenge winners, but we were pleased to have improved even a little (I lost 12 lbs, if I remember right). But I discovered if I didn't really keep at it, the weight would creep back on. And I had, injuries, thyroid trouble...anyway, over the intervening years I tackled the program w/varying degrees of commitment and success. While I never really got back to where I wanted to be, I figured at least I wasn't getting any worse.

But when we moved (twice since August of '04), things got waaaay behind, and it's been over two years since I even tried to maintain any kind of exercise plan. Oh, I walked here and there a bit, but nothing consistent. Now all my fat clothes are tight and I have a choice between engaging in the battle of the bulge or giving up and going up in size. I decided it would hurt less to start the exercise program again...and today is Day One: lower body weight work. There are two sets of flex-weights that seem to have disappeared when we moved; that's really odd and I need to find them before the next Lower Body day comes 'round (Friday). But it feels right to be doing again.

The worst part is the first two weeks; I know I'm gonna feel like I was hit by a truck. Oh well. It's still less painful than tracing all my TNT patterns in a larger size ;)

My goal? Well, let's put it this way...when we completed the first official challenge (which was the only one we actually did all the paperwork on), we got Body-for-Life t shirts as a reward for completing the program. My goal is to lose enough weight/fluff that I will wear that T shirt; I'm in bad enough shape that I feel too hypocritical to wear it now.


  1. Good for you!! My DH and I did "Body for Life" some four years ago with success - but I too did not keep on it. I'm currently in week two of new workout regime -and 1.5 pound lighter. It's rough and tiring - if I can do it, you can do it :)

  2. Cool...I really think BFL is about the most 'sense-making' weight loss/fitness program I've encountered, but it does take discipline! I had to wait until I felt like I had enough determination built up to stick to it, and I believe I've finally hit 'critical mass' on that. My pattern in the past is that I'll do really well unless I hit something like an illness or injury that knocks me out of the momentum, then I have a really hard time getting back into it.

    And I'm going up the stairs *really slowly* today... ;)