Saturday, January 04, 2020

What Happened to the 12th Month's Outfit?

I have debated a while what to do.  Should I just consider that I blew it the last month, write it off and start over?  Or should I let it drag into the new year?

Well, I decided that, since my sewing got diverted to volunteer work for the last six weeks...well, for the last two months, if I'm honest...of last year, I would cut myself some slack.  I'm letting myself sew that last outfit this month.  So...sometime in January, I'll post what I come up with and finish out the year.  Yeah, I missed the Christmas party season with the fancy clothes but, if truth be told, I didn't have anything on my social calendar that required fancy clothes anyway.  So I'll finish up this month and still have something dressy in the closet should I need it.

I have some black stretch velvet to hand, and I ordered a bit of textured royal blue stretch velvet that should be in hand by the end of next of those things will get used.

I'm going to see about doing a little analysis of what I did last year, too...probably in February.

But I plan to sew some fun stuff in the next few weeks as well...stuff I wanted to make last year but were pushed down the priority list by the 12 outfits assignment.

Interestingly, Janice has chosen more, um, economical scarves for this years 12 months/12 outfits exercise.  Have a look-see; you don't have to buy a pricey Hermes scarf to have a good wardrobe foundation. ;-)


  1. I fell in love with the pink sister of one of those scarves. Not very practical for me though!

    1. Yeah, they're still twice what I'm willing to pay for a scarf...I have worn my hummingbird scarf in public a couple of times safely, but I was super cautions the whole time! LOL.

  2. It is ok to break the rules, as long as it doesn't involve jail time :-) Love to read your posts. I have been working on my travel wardrobe for months, and refer to the Vivienne files constantly...maybe too much, as it was cutting into my sewing time, haha. I started with navy, white and turquoise, but have veered off to some pink. In the end it will also depend on the weather forecasts as to what all I take, but it will have to fit in a carry on for a three week trip. Looking forward to seeing your makes.

    1. The question is...will I clean the mess from last year's craziness BEFORE I make the December/January outfit or AFTER? I wouldn't put much money on Thanks for stopping by!