Saturday, November 24, 2018

Bravery required....

The Alabama State Royal Ranger Leadership retreat was the last weekend in October; always a nice break to get away to the state AG conference center...which is a beautiful spot a couple hours south of us.
Every year, missionaries come in to share their ministry; this year, we had both home and foreign missions represented....including a young couple working in India.  One of the areas they are working in had a lot of women with very little opportunities, so they began a small business, employing the ladies to sew from home making Kantha quilts.  They taught the ladies how to sew the quilts and now these ladies actually have a marketable skill and can help their families.

They  had some small and medium blankets with them for sale, plus scarves and headwraps.

I got excited.  I'd seen so many GORGEOUS projects made from Kantha quilts.  It was quite a challenge to go through the pieces they'd brought to find something that I could use.  The largest blankets they  had with them were medium, which are about 40" wide and 6 feet long.  I could get a jacket front and back from one piece, but I needed another piece for the sleeves.  Finally I found a medium blanket and  a  small blanket with comparable pinks and close-enough greens.  The  larger piece is 5 saris thick (two outer ones plus three layered inside) while the smaller one is 3 saris thick (only one inner for batting).

They have a website, with quilts available, as well as a link to meet their artisans and learn their stories:

 ReMade India

The blankets have labels with the names of the ladies who made them.  Whatever I make, the labels are going to be part of the finished product.

First issue:  deciding on a pattern to use
Second issue: Placing the pattern on the quilts to best use the fabric design
Third issue:  Being brave enough to cut into it.

Not sure when this is going to happen...but I gave myself the challenge to finish it so I can wear it to next year's conference. ;-)


  1. Seems like one of the Vogue Tilton patterns would be best (to me)? Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Oh how wonderful. Enjoy your precious resources. Looking forward to seeing the finished garment. I found the Kinder cardigan/jacket/coat from wnedy Ward's sewing with knits book, worked well in woven fabrics and was extremely economical with fabric.
    I made the knee length version from a 2 metre length of fabric.

    1. There is plenty of fabric for jacket front, back and sleeves; especially if I make use of the already finished edges. But I need to pay attention to the design on the fabric, too, and that may mean unused bits that would be way larger than just if I laid the pattern on it and started cutting. I'm thinking something kimono-ish...