Sunday, December 03, 2017

Choir Wardrobe 12.3.17

Wow!  Something I don't think you've seen before... ;-)

Choir colors for December were listed as 'crimson/burgundy' and black.  We weren't sure if that meant we were supposed to wear crimson OR burgundy or if some folks were considering that to be two names for the same shade of deep red.   So we had a range of colors.

I decided to wear the ancient-yeah-you've-seen-these pants that I really don't like, except the colors in the stripes (red and white) on the black makes them so doggone useful.  It's the first modification of the Jalie Classic Pants, made eaons ago, and if I really want to make use of the pattern I need to do some adjusting.  But this actually was cheap Wal-Mart fabric; I just didn't expect to like the colors so well.

Of course, I'm watching for replacement fabric in something nice to the touch and not so poly/lycra-y. 

Very Nice black ponte McCall's 6844 cardigan, which you have seen before, and a red washed silk charmeuse New Look 6762 shell top that you haven't  seen yet, for all that I made it early this year.  Just didn't have the right occasion to wear it.

And, while that top is in a wardrobe pattern w/ a jacket, I've found that it works better w/o a topper, because it has cut on-cap sleeves which get pushed in by a jacket, resulting in some drapiness in the upper chest.  That completely goes away if I don't have a jacket on.  But, well, I needed a cardi today so I just dealt with it.    I did work the pattern over a bit...moving the neckline in at the shoulders to be more strap-friendly and adding a bit of a FBA.  I've made three or four tops from it now and I really do like it.

None of these patterns have been reviewed yet, shame on me.  I need to dust off the ol' templates and get some reviews up.


  1. You have the most amazing wardrobe - bar none!

    1. Most of it is so But thanks, Faye! You've got a pretty sharp closet yourself!