Monday, December 11, 2017

Choir Wardrobe 12.10.17

I'm a day late...the church offices are MOVING and this weekend, my office is broken down and scattered betwixt the old and the new...which meant I came home and did the weekly data entry all evening and did not get a choir post done in a timely fashion.  At least I managed to get My Sweet Babboo to take the photo...

So.  We still kinda sorta don't know what color we're wearing this month, with our standard black/gray, lol.  The swatch on the facebook group page is  pretty much the same color we wore last fall and called 'garnet red'.  But the word description for it is 'crimson/burgundy'.  And who knows what that is???

Most of the choir is going off the word 'Burgundy', so we had a lot of near-purple in choir on Sunday.
But, hey, the lights kinda make it all work somehow....

I wore more old stuff... a gray rayon/lycra jersey  Christine Jonson Basewear 2 turtleneck shell,  Black RPL ponte Oxford Pants, and a Sewing Workshop Tribeca Top  that I made in 2007?  I think?  from a piece of GORGEOUS brocade jacquard that is, depending upon the light, deep red on gray OR fuschia on denim blue.  I typically call it red-on-gray and go with it.  I generally wear it as a topper, because the buttons are spaced a bit far apart for true security (explained in the review) and the sleeves are a little too dropped for good arm mobility; something that I do need in our praise-and-worship style choir.  But it's a good beefy fabric and works well as a topper.  It always gets compliments....

I should wear it more. :-)

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