Sunday, February 26, 2017

Choir Wardrobe 02.26.17

Y'all.  I have seriously got to make myself do some sewing, even if it's just in 15 minute chunks.  I have a nice white blouse about 1/4 completed and it would have been SO NICE to wear today.  But, instead, I wore a cheap white blouse that doesn't fit terribly well that I got at an outlet just so I could have a white shirt that wouldn't grieve me if it got a small stain or two on it to wear for our annual Thank-You banquet, in which the church staff becomes wait staff for children's social service workers in our area and must wear black pants and a white shirt.  But, well, it doesn't have gravy or coffee stains on it yet, so, might as well get some good out of it, right?

The oft-repeated black and white stripe RPL modified Loes Hinse Oxford Pants, my even MORE oft-repeated black twill Burda 05/09 waistcoat, and a hemmed rayon/silk chiffon burnout scarf.  First time to put these together in combo; I think I like it.  Will like it better with the blouse-in-progress instead of the cheap blouse with the floppy faux-french-cuffs....

The scarf is pretty and I don't wear it enough.  I bought two or three pieces of the burnout silk on sale a few years back; 2 yards at 45" wide.  Cut off the selvedges, squared the ends and then split it in half lengthwise.  Rolled all edges.  Kept one, gave one away....of this fabric, anyway.  The others were Christmas stocking stuffers.

Next month we're wearing black and metallic gold.  I actually have half a calfskin that is gold foil finished, obtained a couple of years ago specifically to make fronts for a vest.  Thought I'd use that Burda waistcoat, but then I got afeared the collar would be too bulky in leather.  Not sure it would be as appealing without the collar, so trying to pick another style.  Not placing any bets on whether or not it gets done by the last Sunday in March....and I might have a couple of pieces of gold-metallicy-knit coming in the mail this week.  I *might* actually get something made from the TNT knit patterns.  Which would be great; currently I only have ONE metallic-y garment and March has 5 Sundays...


  1. I like the shorter vest with the crisp white blouse. I have a vest that I've kept for quite a long time. You've inspired me to pull it out again.