Sunday, June 05, 2016

Choir Wardrobe 6/5/17

 June colors:  Hot pink, gray and navy.  The jacket and the gray jeans are RTW (old skool Coldwater...and Lee), but the pink top is brand new.

I cut it out after supper last night and finished it whilst I waited for laundry to  run its course.

It's a modified Cutting Lines Designs 'My Heart's A-Flutter' shell, made from Brussels washer linen. 

This is the second top I've made from this pattern; I made some changes that I like and some that I need to tweak....I rotated the point of the dart downward a bit, and it is now throwing the dart bubble towards the, um, right place.  Happy.

I also lengthened the lower front/back piece 1 1/2".  The original top just feels a little short.  This feels better.  Another happy.

I changed the curve on the side seams..that is, I put a curve in it.  I morphed from a Medium + to a Large, and the first top looks a little, um, tent-y.   This one has a bump in the side now.  Maybe I don't need to go quite out to a size L.  More tweaking.

But the biggest tweak still needed is the finish for the neckline/armholes.  The original pattern has facings, but they're kind of narrow and want to flip up/out.  I thought I"d give bias bindings a try.

Well, I forgot to trim off the seam allowances for the wrap-around binding.  My bad.  But, it was probably a good thing I did, because I cut the bindings a bit short.  They probably wouldn't have fit if the the seam allowances were gone.  Anyway, the shoulders are kinda sloppy looking.  The neckline is does JUST barely go over my head.  And I probably could've used slightly narrower bindings.

But, overall, I like the top; the Brussels Washer Linen ( a rayon/linen blend that came from fabricdotcom) was very nice to sew and is very comfy to wear.

I think I will trace off another pattern and trim off the seamlines for binding, so I can have an easy option for binding or facings, as the mood strikes me.  And I will re-measure those edges to make sure I cut a correct length of bias next time.

Cause... I made it entirely in one evening (I confess... I kinda heard Claudia Winkleman in my head, 'Thirty minutes!  You have thirty minutes!'...only I heard that about 3 different times over an hour and a half.  The bias binding threw me back a bit...), so this is going to be worth tweaking more.

Meantime, this top is not bad, and it looks great under a jacket.  ; - )

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  1. Looks good under the Cardigan. Lo! At Claudia Winckelmann!