Sunday, June 26, 2016

Choir Wardrobe 6/26/16

Column dressing today!

Navy blue Sewing Workshop Plaza pants, in tropical wool,  Jalie 2566 T in rayon/lycra jersey and Jalie 2919 Pleated Front Cardi in a different rayon/lycra jersey, and a couple of random pieces of fushcia/hot pink fabric fashioned into oblong scarves (one has mylar dots...).

The reason I made the navy cardi is that I felt like the fabric was too sheerish for a T shirt, which was really what I intended to make (a replacement for the T I'm wearing, actually, as it is not a high-quality knit and is losing its shape somewhat).  But, making lemonade out of lemons, I decided to make the cardi instead...the sheerish-ness doesn't matter a whit in the top layer.

One of the best choices I've made in a while.  I've worn and worn that blue cardi, and it's only about 5 months old.

I'm actually glad it turned out too sheer for a T...


  1. Great cardi. Gives me some ideas for some green burnout fabric which had me stumped, would be good as a cardi.