Sunday, February 28, 2016

Choir Wardrobe 2/28/16

In which Simple is the name of the game...

I'm not sure why I decided to layer up what I did, but, well, it was kinda fun.

Even though the sparkle doesn't show up at all in the photo.

Colors for Feb. are Black, white and Gray; this is my (yeah, not so black any more) newest black Lee jeans, with the new acquisition-sewn-right-up gray viscose/lycra jersey Jalie 2566 T-shirt worn under a gray sparkly mesh Sewing Workshop Eureka top

Not flashy, not trendy, but very comfy.

But a small sadness; a bit after church, I realized I was missing an earring.  :-(

I'd only worn this pair a couple of times; they weren't terribly expensive so it's not tragic but it does make me sad.  I've no idea at all when I lost it.  The hook just somehow worked free.

I'd even had a little nudge to put a clutch on the back of them when I put them on this morning, but I didn't do it.

You'd think I'd learn...

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