Sunday, February 07, 2016

Choir Wardrobe 2 07 16 - Grayscale February

Black, white and gray.  Sounds like February, doesn't it?  (we can add a pop of red or pink next week as it is Valentine's

But I wanted to try the monochromatic gray, which, according to the featured Bloglovin' style post, is tres vogue right now.

As if.  LOL.

So.  A gray RTW baby cable cotton T Neck sweater,  the gray denim Jalie Jeans Jacket, and a pair of wool/lycra pants that I made from a Burda pattern  back in something like 2003 that I might or might not have reviewed but am too lazy to go look it up.  The pants fit really weirdly and I threw them into the back of the, 15 pounds later they fit fairly well.  Ya never know...

I made the long necklace, too, discovering that wire work is not as hard or as time consuming as I thought it would be.

Another craft to stash stuff

Speaking of stash, I HAVE CUT OUT EVERY PIECE OF FABRIC THAT ARRIVED IN MY ONLY PURCHASE SO FAR THIS YEAR!  Yes, I know that's yelling but that's huge.  I'm so proud of me at this moment. :-D

AND - I've cut tops out of two other pieces of fabric as well.

So now it's time to leave the cutting table and actually sew some stuff.

Some of it might even actually turn out to be SWAP worthy.

Which, I know, is not the heart and soul of SWAP... I'm supposed to make a plan and stick to it.

But, you know...I think if you BUY with a plan...think how the pieces will work as you accumulate them... SEWING with a plan kinda automatically happens.  The tops will go with the bottoms will go with the toppers.  Because the fabric all coordinated as it came in.

Just a thought...

I have not forgotten about the 10 Year Giveaway, either.  I'm coming up on  1800 posts to Sew Random; I'm shooting for having the giveaway ready to announce on the rollover post.

Which is about 12 posts away.  Stay tuned. ;-)

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  1. The greys are all subtlety different in colour and texture and the necklace looks great. I think it works really well.
    I'm doing my SWAP in a similar manner!