Monday, January 18, 2016

Looking Ahead...

The Really Big Leadership Conference that has consumed my life since Christmas is in the books; it was awesome and inspiring and, I hope, life-changing...assuming I can implement and stick to the changes I see I need. 

But, life is always about pushing forward...two steps on, one step back,  two more forward, hold your ground, another half step forward, fall back a bit...try again...

Anyway, I've actually cut out two tops today, which I hope to get sewn up on the the next two days (MLK JR Day and an extra off day to breathe after the conference) and, along with the cutting, I actually sat down and made a plan for the 2016 Stitchers Guild SWAP contest.

This year's rules call for packs, or pods, or groups, or whatever you want to call them, and, as I am in DESPERATE need of some updated basics, that's what I'm focusing on.

Pack A - Black:

Black tropical wool pinstripe Loes Hinse Oxford pants
Black rayon/lycra jersey Jalie 2682 sleeveless V-neck
Black Denim jacket, pattern still TBD

Pack B - Gray

Gray chalk stripe RPL Loes Hinse Oxford pants
Gray wool crepe jacket - pattern TBD
Gray silk shell - pattern TBD

Pack C - Combo

Black 'denim' doubleknit Sewing Workshop Helix pants
Cream silk blouse (cut out ages ago but never touched)

Black wool/lycra Jalie Classic Trousers
Turquoise silk jacquard shell - pattern TBD
Fuschia silk shell - pattern TBD

Heavy on the basics, which you'll recognize as major players in the choir wardrobe, with a pop or two of colors that frequently show up in the rotation.

My pants patterns need a little tweeking for fitting the current version of me, and, while I'm close on a TNT shell pattern, I'm not *quite* there yet.  And I'm STILL trying to figure out the denim jacket pattern.

But at least I have a direction.  Still no definite word on possible Easter costuming needs, so I'm going to plan like I have time to sew clothes. 

Of course, the tops I cut out today won't fit in the swap plans...being prints, they won't work with the striped pants (I don't think, anyway.  It might work once they're done but I'm not going to count on it).

But.  It's time to refresh the wardrobe.  


  1. Hi Lisa. Hope your sewing plans work out well. Cheers Ruthie

  2. Love the idea of armchair sewing!
    Will be cheering you on.