Sunday, January 24, 2016

Finally, the first Choir Wardrobe post of 2016

I can't believe it's the third Sunday before I managed to get a post up, but it's been a busy month... ;-)

The choir colors for January are black, gray and royal blue.  So, since it was rawtharr chilly today, I wore black Lee jeans, my gray wool/lycra Loes Hinse's Bolero Jacket, and royal blue bamboo/lycra jersey never-reviewed BWOF funnel neck  top from something like Sept 2010.  For accent, a half-width  2- yard length of a silk/rayon burnout chiffon hemmed into a scarf.

I love this combo; it's one of my favorites that we wear and I'm really glad it's part of the winter rotation that repeats from one year to the next.

I also manage to get some sewing done this week, since I was home with no wheels whilst one of the cars had some major maintenance work done.  Technically, I *could* wear these tops for choir, but we are encouraged to do color-blocking, rather than prints, just to keep the  jangle effect minimized.  I got this rayon jersey print two or three years ago and have been waffling over what to do with it.  I finally settled on one of  Katherine Tilton's patterns, and I dug around and found a remnant of gray/black stripe rayon jersey that I used for contrast on the sleeves and neckband.  Since I cut the sleeves out of other fabric, I had enough of the print to make a cap sleeve Jalie 2566 T....which I *might* wear for choir next Sunday, if it's not too cold, under a cardi to lessen the impact of the print.

I intend to wear the Tilton top to work tomorrow. ;-).

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  1. Very classy looking! I really like the way the scarf ties it all together...