Sunday, February 01, 2015

Choir Wardrobe...February 1st. Already.

One month down in 2015.  Staggering.

But February is the EASY choir and white.  Which means I can pull any number of things out of the closet. 

Today I found clean in my closet: 

The Vogue 8305 Drapey Cardigan, in soft drapey shape-shifting  rayon/lycra jersey,   very stout cotton/lycra blend knit done up in   Burda Magazine's Boat Neck top from Feb 2010 .  That black and white stripe actually has a hint of gold Lurex outlining the stripes.  Nothing major, just a hint, and I didn't know it was there when I ordered the fabric.  I think I have about a yard left; I need to make myself a shell top out of it.  Cause it's just that cool.

Black Lee straight leg jeans that are really looking more charcoal gray these days.  I've heard of folks overdying faded jeans...I may give it a go sometime.

I fought with the unblocker this afternoon and managed to watch the recap of the 2014 Great British Sewing Bee.  The folks who were in that group of sewing enthusiasts were just charming. 

I think I'll go spend an hour or two in my sewing room tonight. ;-)

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