Saturday, November 22, 2014

Why a fabric stash is a good thing...

...because you never know when the economic axe will catch you ....

We've dodged that bullet for over 35 years...but this time My Sweet Babboo got caught out on the wrong project at the wrong time and was one of the 50.

So.  We shall see.


  1. So sorry to read this! Hopefully another opportunity will come along...and yes, being single, this is a reason I stash so that I can always sew!

  2. Oh Lisa!! I'm so sorry. And while it's never a good time to lose a job, the holiday season has got to be the worst. Prayers and hopes that everything works out and soon!

  3. Dear Lisa,
    Prayers going up for you and your family...and yes, a fabric stash is a good thing!

  4. Oh Lisa! What an awful shock! I'm praying this will somehow turn around and become a great blessing for your family.

  5. Lisa, I'm so sorry to hear this news. Will pray for you that all turns out well. I know your church will be praying for you and giving you emotional support as well. Hugs...

  6. Well...we have until Jan 23 for something to work out; he's got some contacts working and his company is, in theory anyway, trying to place all 50 folks...somewhere. I'm just hoping we don't have to move. That would be rough. We're just going to have to see what turns up.

    And I do appreciate those prayers!!

  7. Hi Lisa, Really sorry to hear that. How widely used is LinkedIn in the US, I know its a key tool here in the UK for seeking the next job. Regards Ruthie

    1. My Sweet Babboo is actually on LinkedIn, but his best contacts are going to come from the professional society that he is in...he's actually chairman of his technical subcomittee. Personally, I despise linkedin because they keep bombarding me with requests to join from people I barely know. It borders on spamming...

  8. Sorry to hear Lisa. Fingers crossed and praying that something comes up soon.