Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Road Trip Fabric Stop

 A swift trip to the northern reaches of Hoosierland had us driving around the northeast corner of the I-465 loop around Indianapolis.  We had plenty of time, so my sweet Babboo graciously agreed to a quick stop at Indy's newest (as in, it's almost 2 years old) fine fabrics store.

I'm not sure where I found out about The French Seam, other than I know I knew about it before they opened.  I was really excited; JoAnn's has been the only game in town in Indianapolis for many years.  It took us a little bit to find it, mostly because the Google Map just wasn't as accurate as it might have been.  But persistence paid off and I got to do a quick visit.

It is not a large fabric store by any means; the selection is not huge.  But, if you consider that they have simply eliminated all the junk fabric, home decor and nick knacks  that you would find in, say, JoAnn's or Hancock's (y'know, the fleece, the poly silkies, the imitation linen, etc), then it really is not such a limited choice.  They had silk, linen, wool and cotton.  Heaven.

They had just put all their summer fabrics on sale for half price; I looked it all over and saw several pieces (including some really nice tropical wools) that I would love to have purchased, but, well, I have some lovely tropical woolens sitting in my stash already so I steeled my nerve and kept looking.

I finally settled on a red/white twilled cotton; I decided several weeks ago that I'd like a red jeans jacket and this will do that nicely.  The twilled side is actually going to be the wrong side; the even weave side is much darker.  It's very soft and should make up well.

And, just because I could hold it in my hand and look at it, I picked up a drapey front cardigan pattern from The Sewing Workshop that I've been waffling over for a while now. 

No, it wasn't all really bargain priced, but it was reasonable (especially as I got the fabric on sale), and I could touch and drape to decide. 

Which is a real treat nowadays...


  1. It always good to visit a bricks and mortar fabric store. Like what you purchased!

  2. Small world! My family is spread all over north Alabama, and I have a daughter that lives in Indy. I've been to The French Seam, it's a lovely store!!