Sunday, July 14, 2013

Choir Wardrobe 071413

We could either call this the 'Throwback' or the 'Fun with Baubles' edition...

July's colors are light blue, navy blue and (technically it should be that brownish-mustard) yellow, with gray also available as the neutral.

I am pulling out seriously old clothes here. 

Clothes that fit much better 10 years and 20 pounds ago.

But, well, if you don't button a double-breasted style it isn't so obvious that it's too small.... ;-)  Truth is, that Sewing Workshop Hong Kong Vest was the very first pattern I reviewed after joining Pattern Review in 2002.

Told ya I was talkin' old stuff.

The ancient Lands' End stretch t on the bottom is pushed to its limits as well, but, well, it's covered up so you can't tell.  Jeans that I've been wearing for ages, too.

Besides the old clothes, though, I had a sudden inspiration this morning and did something I very, very rarely ever do.  Like, I'm not entirely even sure I HAVE done this before...

Wore two different jewelry sets one-on-top-of-the-other.

It may have been a little overkill, but, well, it was fun.

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  1. I really like the clothes. The colors and cut look great on you. Keep 'em, do new renditions of them. You look good in this style. The jewelry is good fun, too, but I'd find a drop metallic earring.