Sunday, January 09, 2011

Let It Snow!!

The NWS and all the local weather people have been prophesying sigNIFicant snowfall for the Tennessee Valley for the last few days; tonight is the night when all their predictions will be tested. Will we really get a shut-the-city-down snowfall? Or just a near brush with winter? According to the radar, it's been snowing in the Rocket City for an hour or two already, but I've not seen a flake. Apparently the air is still too dry for it to reach the ground. We'll see if the predicted Gulf moisture actually makes it this far.

But...the photo directory pictures are all finished, as of yesterday, and we hustled around and made sure all the bank deposits were recounted and hauled off to the night depository before we left church today; I can access the data base online and finish up my routine weekly data input from home at any time.

So...I'm hoping for a real snow event. One in which I can actually let myself thread up the machine and make something. I'm overdue for a sewing fix.

But, wouldn't you know, tomorrow begins our annual time of fasting and prayer at church...and I'm going to be hitting my geek fast of staying off the computer for everything but email (and weather reports!). I'm not fasting sewing...can't fast something I haven't been doing much of anyway.

So, I'm hoping for snow...and I'll be back in three weeks! ;)


  1. Did you get snow? Hope you did, and don't have to go out unless you're going out to play, it's beautiful. We've got 4 to 5 inches on the ground now, here in middle TN.

  2. 5" at our house; other places round about the county had considerably more....

  3. LOL. You enjoy that snow and your break!