Friday, January 07, 2011

Foiled by a Lack of Preparation

I got an email today from Michael and Sherri...the entire website is 50% off.

I don't have extra money to spend on wonderful fabrics right now, but I looked anyway.

Oh, my friends, I was undone by a piece of rich red double-faced Armani wool that's listed at $60/yd.

I *know* that discounted price is an amazing price for such fabric. I was sorely tempted.

But I closed the window because...I don't have a jacket pattern ready to cut out. Oh, I have one in the muslin stage, but nothing proven.

And I already have about three pieces of wonderful wool that I want to make jackets from before the moths find them (which has happened once a piece of Armani wool...aaaiiieee, that still hurts!). I don't want to buy another piece to just put in the bin to wait on the pattern to be ready for it.

I must muslin this year. I must, I must. I don't want to pass up a lovely piece of fabric for lack of preparation again...


  1. I admire your willpower! I have no willpower myself, which is why I have the ginormous stash I do. Maybe if you ran up a quick muslin... Not that I'm enabling or anything. :)

  2. Ah, Keely, if I had TIME to run up a quick muslin, that fabric would be winging its way to me even as we speak. But I would be fooling myself to think I'd have time for that right now; and...the school production of 'Romeo and Juliet' approacheth...mine sewing time shall not be mine own, methinks...