Monday, July 06, 2009

My Early Birthday Present to Me....

I'm tellin' ya, black denim is hard to find...but I managed to find something else up at Textile Fabrics to bring home.

Besides some gray Ambiance, some brown Ambiance, and a piece of white china silk to line a white silk blouse, I bought two pieces of fashion fabric:

Only two pieces, but they're very nice....the pink stripe is horizontal on a piece of very soft, very yummy linen and I'm planning to make a tunic shirt from it. If you look closely, you can see shiny black stripes on the brown wool/lycra blend suiting (it was marked as being an Ellen Tracy fabric and is really nice...). I'm planning on some Oxford pants and maybe a straight skirt or a vest, if it works out.

It's almost worth the trip to Textile Fabrics just to pet the gorgeous woolens they've got...even if those super 150's are marked at $129/yard.... oh, they're nice!!!

I've got a couple of pieces still in processing from Gorgeous Fabrics' last sale; (those designer rayon knits...the brown I made the Jalie tank top from is so yummy I ordered another piece for a cardigan to go with it, plus a piece of gray while I was at it) but once those get here I'm going back on a 'no fabric' moratorium until I get some sewing done.

I need some work clothes! ;)


  1. Oh. My. Goodness!! I am absolutely SALIVATING over that brown wool/lycra blend suiting!!!!!! I love the pink stripe, too. As soon as I saw it and read that it was linen I immediately thought 'tunic'. It will be wonderful. I lost my nice, high-paying law firm job in March. I was one of the lucky ones--I found another job in less than a month but I had to take a pretty significant pay cut. Soooo, I'm having to practice some serious financial discipline to get thrugh this lean time. The good news is that I am now doing most of my pattern and fabric "shopping" right here in my own sewing room, so I am actually using all the beautiful fabric that I have accumulated over time.

    So, dear Lisa, please please please keep taking pictures of the beautiful fabrics you buy. I want to see the gray knit you bought from Gorgeous Fabrics when it comes in. I am going through minor fabric withdrawals and it helps to see what other sewing enthusiasts are buying. Cannot WAIT to see what you do with that brown suiting. Oh that is just gorgeous!!! Your timing is perfect. You can have it done for autumn!

  2. I got "sew" excited about the brown wool that I forgot to wish you an early happy birthday!! My birthday was Sunday, and I gave myself a nice, quiet afternoon in my sewing room!

  3. Happy birthday to you! I think you've got some lovely treats there and a few more coming this weekend! Enjoy!