Sunday, July 12, 2009

Choir Sundays '09 #26

This Month's Colors: Brown, white and/or gold w/blue jeans.

So, I'm wearing my Lee bootcut jeans again; the white twill Vogue 8045 jacket and, for the top, the second go at the surplice top from Burda (FWOF) May '09. I found that that fit of that pattern really does depend on the fabric; what I did to alter it worked really well for the relatively stable poly/lycra matte jersey; this was a very stretchy cotton/lycra and it behaved very differently. It's heavy; it pulled the upper bodice down much like a slinky knit would've, so I ended up taking the almost all the extra length back out by taking the shoulder seams in 5/8".

And this one, I've decided, definitely needs a cami under it. Next time. ;)