Friday, June 26, 2009

Going a little Knit Nutty

And I succumbed to a fabric sale again; the fabric arrived earlier in the week, jumping my 'Fabric In' total to over 50 yards for the year...not good if I want to keep my purchases under 100 yards by the end of December.
But I know knits sew up quickly, and I really do need some more work-appropriate tops.

Not all were exactly what I expected (I'll 'splain that in a minute), but they are all lovely and I'm itching to find time to work on 'em:

The purple one hasn't been through the washer/dryer yet; the others have. The print runs vertically on a cotton/lycra blend; the rest are rayon/lycra jerseys. The heathery brown is pretty beefy, but the purple and the black are a bit on the sheer side (sorry for the blur, but you get the idea):

I have a few ideas of what to do with something that is potentially see-through, all of which involve drapiness and/or multiple layers...or possibly lingerie. We'll see.

I'm wishing I'd bought more of the heathery brown now that I see would make a fabulous twin set. Unfortunately, I was thinking 'one top' when I ordered it, so I don't think I can squeeze a twin set out of it.

That makes 11 pieces of knit fabric I have purchased for myself (I'm not counting the knits I bought to make The Flute Player garments) so far this year. I'm finding myself liking them so much that I've hit Fear of Cutting...I don't want to use them on something that's not wonderful. So I'm bouncing around from idea to idea as to what I want to make.

I need to quit bouncing and start cutting... ;)


  1. The knits are just lovely. Buying new fabric is the most wonderful experience. I just love playing with ideas and wondering what this lovely piece of material will become. I, too, have experienced the fear of cutting, so I empathize with you! I can't wait to see what wonderful things you do with all this beautiful material!

  2. They're wonderful knits - whatever you pick will turn out beautifully! Just pick something and sew!

  3. I get analysis paralysis as well. What if I find a more perfect pattern tomorrow?! I still haven't cured it.... That's why my stash is so big. :)