Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baptism Robes on Order....opinions needed...

Attrition has taken its toll... enough baptism robes have gone missing that we've been asked to make 10 more. But, the last batch we made used all the fabric we had on hand, so I need to order more. Given that each robe takes 4 yards of fabric, we'll need a bunch. Plus, the request has been to get some slightly heavier fabric than we used before; it tends to cling when wet a little more than is desirable.

Anyway, we're looking for navy blue polyester crepe. I've done a little looking around on the web, but I'm not sure where I can find 40 yards. Does anyone have any experience w/JoAnn's 'Casa' crepe? I'm guessing it's pretty lightweight, since it's marketed for 'special occasion' use, but I thought I'd ask.

So...sometime in the next couple of months we'll be doing robes again...


  1. Well, I've sewn with the Casa crepe. It is fairly light weight and drapey, it machine washes well and rips out well. It is opaque. Not sure if that helps.

  2. Lisa
    Our God is so awesome I was online today trying to find out where i can find a pattern for baptismal robes. I am in the process of starting my own business called Anointed Threads where I will be sewing from patterns. Anyway the Pastor of my Church wants me to make some Baptismal Robes and I am trying to find a pattern. I read your post and see where you are in the process of making more for your church. Can you let me know the pattern number. Many Blessings to you.

  3. Stephanie, we kinda made our own pattern, starting w/a Simplicity pattern for an African Caftan that I'm pretty sure is out of print. But you should be able to find something similar. Here's how we modified the caftan pattern into a baptismal robe and also into Bible costumes. the pattern number was 8895....but, basically, any loose, boxy robe will work. Simplicity's straight-cut Bible costumes might work, too, if you added a seam w/a zipper to the front.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Hello Lisa,
    I have been sewing for about 30 years now and have made quite a few baptism robes. I find that they do get missing and have to reorder fabric.

    I buy 100% Polyester from Hancock's Fabric Center. There is also a fabric with a percentage of polyster and rayon that will repel the water.

    Hope this helps.

  5. We ended up buying poly ponte de roma 'by the bolt' - it's a knit, and so doesn't need any seam finishes.

    It was very nice to work with and...so far...seems to hold up well and is not as clingy as the poly crepe from Hancock's we originally used.

  6. Ladies, be sure to weight those robes in the hem so they are floating in the Baptismal pool. I am about to venture into making some robes as well. When checked on robes at our church, I found them to be few in supply. 3 of our 9 grands are being baptized on their grand dad's birthday on the 15 of July and the 4 y/o twins are being dedicated to the Lord on the same day. I'd better get cracking on the sewing. Thanks for the very helpful information.

  7. We debated weighting the hems, but found that folks entered the baptism tank slowly enough that floating robes was not a problem. YMMV, however! Once you get the sewing order down, they're pretty quick to make. The zipper and the neckline finish are the only tricky bits. Hope you have some help sewing the robes!