Sunday, July 09, 2017

Choir Wardrobe 07.09.17

I said I had some of the bright turquoise knit leftover from the Jalie Cardi you've seen a couple of times this summer.  I found it and used a bit to make up a rather altered version of Hot Patterns Fast and Fabulous La Strada T.

I made it last right after I bought the pattern, back in 2015.   It was NOT compatible with my short narrow shouldered self; that version was worn for PJ's a few times and then went into the donate stack.

I hacked up the pattern a bit...narrowing the top, widening the bottom, shortening it and making the front-facing a cut-on instead of a sew-on.  And I rather arbitrarily selected a spot at which to quit sewing the side seam to allow for armholes, as the pattern did not have one marked.  The armsceyes are snug.  Not uncomfortable, but not flowy like shown on the pattern envelope.  I may add a bit of a wedge to the yoke to give them more drape without drop...

I'm much happier with this iteration.  It's not quite perfect but it's certainly wearable, which is more than I can say for the original.

Anyway, for the June/July choir wardrobe colors of white, black, gray and turquoise,  I put my new top with some 12-year-old embroidered linen/rayon Stretch and Sew 704 'Quick 'n' Easy Pants'  and, of course,  the ever-present Burda waistcoat.

I confess, I had a MOMENT when I was ironing the pants last night, recollecting making them during the time we were renting a smallish house between the house we had lived in for 20+ years and our current abode, and suddenly realized that it has been 12 years since we moved  to the current address...which means the pants are 12 plus years old.  In actuality, they were part of the first SWAP I completed, back in 2005, before I started blogging. (goes to look for photos... finds them...)

Most of this no longer fits, or has gotten worn out and is long gone.  :-(.  But, the rayon/linen embroidered pieces..the black pants, the brown lantern skirt and the color-blocked shirt/jacket, are still in the closet, still getting wear.

But it made me think...maybe I should do a serious closet purge.  If I'm still wearing 12-year-old garments, I could, possibly, be just a tad out of


  1. If they still look nice (as in...not worn out), just call them "classic" and count your blessings. And if they fit after twelve years, throw a party. Although... could be a reason to order some new fabrics! Happy anniversary to your swap clothes.

    1. LOL...yeah, I'm really not that much of a fashionista. If it fits and reasonably flatters, I'm good with it. Even if it's not, strictly speaking, current. But we have so much retro going on, I don't even know if there is really such a thing as 'current' anymore!

  2. If they were indy patterns at the time then they probably are not part of fashion and as timeless pieces you can keep wearing them. My choir wears black with a red scarf. It's a bit boring. I love all the different colours you get to wear.

    1. I'm just glad we don't have to wear choir robes! :-) That's the nice thing about making basics...they have staying power. Although I'm not sure how 'basic' the lantern-skirt and colorblocked jacket are. But...'Arty' never really gets dated either. It's just