Sunday, July 16, 2017

Choir Wardrobe 7.16.17

So, this month's colors are still black, white, grey and turquoise.  I will freely admit that the color I'm wearing is more cerulean than turquoise, but, well, I'm not the only one wearing it blends.

And the only thing I'm wearing that I actually made is the Jalie Cardigan that I've worn over and over this summer.  But I can mix it up, so, yeah.

Gray RTW...the brand escapes me at the moment... jeans and a white Lands' End tank top.  And a loopy scarf type deal that is really just a massive crocheted ring, doubled upon itself several times.  It was a Christmas gift a few years back from my sister, who made it.

It works. :-)


  1. The Jalie cardigan topped your outfit off really nicely!

    1. I LOVE that Jalie cardi, although I've altered it up a bit. I shortened the sleeves and added tabs, and added a bit of a fishback to the back, for some movement. And I make it with the pleats in. But I have made about 6 of them's a great TNT workhorse!