Sunday, March 15, 2015

Choir Wardrobe 3/15/15...Punting...

I intended to show you a new bright green Hot Patterns La Strada top today in the choir post.

Still in the plan...but not like I intended.  The green top didn't work and, faced with a need to pick something quick, I went with something that's going to look really, really familiar.

Yup.  Switching the scarf for the mint/seafoam/ Lucite green necklace, and a rayon Jalie 2566 T for the cotton/lycra's the same as Thursday's work wear post.

Because it works with March, gray and Lucite green.

I finished the top last night and sighed over it's extreme oversized-ness but figured I'd make it work.  But as I got ready this morning, I thought of something I *might* be able to do to fix it up a bit, and I didn't want to wear it if it might be fixable.  Hence the last minute swap.

But I put the top on over my blue T, just so you would get an idea of what I'm up against.

The extreme sheerness of the fabric is certainly not the pattern's fault;  I knew when I ordered it that it was very thin and planned to use it for a loose drapey top layer.  It was supposed to go over a blue Jalie 965 tank top.

 Very seriously drapey.  The sleeves are a good 3" longer than they look to be in the pattern illustration.  And, as that length really comes from the width at the top, it looks hugely oversized above the bustline.

And, since the shoulder line is so long, the underarm seam is pretty low.

As in it hits just above my waist.

Even if I didn't need an underlayer due to the sheerness of the fabric, I'd need an underlay for decency's sake based on that open side seam.

The back shows the huge shoulders really well...but you can see that I don't have a pinch of extra ease below the waist.  In fact, it might could use a pinch MORE. (I cut a size 12, based on the bust measurements/ finished garment measurements)

Anyway.  Gonna try cutting that upper chest/shoulder volume down a bit by shortening the shoulder line substantially and raising the underarm seam to a much higher stopping point.

Maybe it will work, maybe not.  I like the design...but it's gonna need some work to be wearable.

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