Monday, February 23, 2015

Work Wear 15 and a Goodie

I just may document each of the new tops as I wear it...

Today it was the long sleeved black Jalie 2566 T   (ahem.  You did notice that I FINALLY REVIEWED THAT BABY!)

It was worn with black/brown striped Loes Hinse Oxford Pants (and the stripe is not nearly so pronounced when it is not in front of a flash...)  and Burda magazine's 'waistcoat' from May 2009.

And my spontaneous infinity scarf purchase, just because it has black, brown and denim blue in it.  I felt way spiffier than the photo looks.

Two of the three outstanding fabric orders arrived today and one of them contained a goodie I've been trying to snag for years...  Emma Onesock actually carries those Pantone color guides!  I found out because she mentioned that it was excluded from her recent sale.

Now I can be spot on my choir colors! LOL!

Actually, I bought it so I could reference the numbers to get a better idea of what the actual colors of fabrics are from the retailers who cite them.  My monitor is NOT the most color correct thing out there.

I've marked two of our upcoming choir colors ...Lucite Green,just under the tab on the left and Scuba Blue, which is just above the sticky note on the right.

I will say that Lucite Green is considerably lighter than I thought, and Scuba Blue is more intense than I thought.

Two of the fabrics that came in today's boxes were ordered because I perceived them to be close to what I thought was Lucite Green;  neither one was...although one was the next-door-neighbor color to Scuba Blue and will probably pass for that.

So.  Hopefully the guide will help me actually pick the right colors going

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  1. Oh wow those Pantone thingies are hard to get! Impressed that you made the whole outfit. I would not have thought of mixing black/brown and denim like that but it works well.