Sunday, February 15, 2015

Choir Wardrobe 2-15-15

February's colors are black and white; it was cold this morning and I was chicken.

The pants were not as warm as I would've liked; RPL woven stripe, in a modification of Loes Hinse's Oxford, I took the stovepipe shape and turned it into something of a flare.  It sort of works; worn these pants for years.  Dunno if I will ever try it again; I've got a Jalie flared leg pants pattern that works pretty well and seems to fit better through the thigh.

RTW white knit top and the hemmed gray-scale scarf panel.

And a RTW wool flannel jacket.  Because I was too self conscious to wear the hippie caveman vest.... I had it on, with an appropriate necklace and...I chickened out.

Fun...yes...but maybe a little too out there for choir.  For me, anyway...

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  1. Very becoming. I'm a great fan of such a monochromatic look. Classic and timeless.