Monday, November 24, 2014


I sat down when I got home and suddenly realized that my outfit for the day...Lee Jeans, Lands' End Turtleneck and cardigan from Coldwater...was totally from retail. Nothing me-made.   And I,  that really is kinda unusual.

Then I realized, no, I'd worn the Epic Trench Coat over it all against the forecasted drop in temps. 

And the scarf I wore was a hemmed remnant.

I really do almost always have on at least one thing that I've made...



  1. Kinda nice to realize, isn't it. I do pretty well in the summer with skirts and dresses. In the winter, though, I've got less sewn me-made options - I get it all covered with knit socks !

    1. Claire, you're my hero. I never managed to learn knitting beyond a long 3" strip...that took AGES...