Saturday, May 25, 2013

Skirt grumblings....

Ok, I thought the check fabric I'm using for my cotton tiered earth-mother skirt was essentially the same on both sides.  I could not tell the right side from the wrong side.  So I didn't pay particular attention.

But, it turns out that there is a very subtle difference in the right and wrong side.  One that didn't show up until I was ready to put the 3rd tier on.

I put the first tier on the yoke, then put the second tier on the first one and the next time I picked it up (i.e., this morning) I discovered that the dominant stripe is going in opposite directions on tier 1 and tier 2.  I thought it was because I put the second tier on upside-down.

Well, I decided I would just put the 3rd tier on with the same orientation as the first, and the last tier on with the same orientation as the second and have sort of a zig-zag going on.

Trouble is, that alternate angle is not because I sewed the tier on upside down, it turns out the first tier I put on was sewn wrong side out.  I discovered this when I tried to flip the 3rd tier so that it was  going opposite to the second and realized I could not. I'm trying to decide what to do.  Take it all apart and fix that first tier?  Removing all the gathering and redoing it on both seams?

Um.... oy.

I'm thinking I'll just resew tier 3 wrong side out and resume the zig-zag plan....

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  1. I hate when I do that! Yesterday, I had to take a 2nd tier off of a cotton voile skirt and sew on a new tier. It was already gathered and serged, so I just cut off the serging to separate it. What a pain!