Monday, May 27, 2013

Poppies, Poppies....Final Photos

AS is typical, The Flute Player picked up the CD w/the professional photos on the last day of school.

I have several really good photos of the poppies, but when I looked for photos of her in the dress I altered up I discovered that the photographer took his pictures during the Friday AM school show...the one that was immediately after the child's bout with the tummy virus.  She was still puny, so all she did was sing backup into the offstage mics...she did not go on stage.  So the action shot I actually wanted to post of her fainting at the sight of the Wiz turned out to be a photo of someone else. Sigh.

I went back and pulled a couple of photos from our costume mistress's set; she actually did not have the shot I was looking for but at least her grandmother can see her in costume. ;-)

This is probably the LEAST amount of costuming, in terms of actual costumes sewn, that I've done for any show at school.  But the hours that went into the show were probably pretty close to the same.  Anyway, here are the poppies in action; photo credit Jeff White:

I wish we had had time to put wires on both layers of the petals; just wiring the five on the top was cutting it pretty close..and I suppose the girls could've done a better job of smoothing them out. But in all honesty, it only really shows up in the pictures;  onstage, they were moving enough that it didn't look quite so obviously flat on the bottom layer..

And, for the  I-had-to-dig-and-crop photos of The Flute Player in her ECC dress, the photo credit is to our illustrious costume mistress, Charla Smith:

It was a fun more year is all we have left...

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  1. The poppy costumes are spectacular! Well done, Lisa