Thursday, April 05, 2012

Two Steps Forward, One and a Half Back

I am *still* working on the Vogue 1100 Jacket.  I finished off the bottom edges and topstitched it all, then decided the facing had somehow wonkered up too short; the jacket was curling at the bottom.  So I unpicked the topstitching and released the bottom edge; I'm going to have to hand hem it, to offset the facing at the bottom a teeny bit.

Part of the problem is that the pockets I drafted turned out to be too long.  So I'm going to trim about 3/4" off the bottom of the pocket bags and see if that helps with the lumpy bottom edge much.

They really only need to be big enough to hold a kleenex anyway.

So...*maybe* I'll get the jacket done by Sunday.  If I can work on it steadily tomorrow.  'Cause tomorrow is about the last chance.

The first of our 7 Easter Services (yes, we are repeating the same service 7 times, because we can't fit everyone into the building at once) is tomorrow night at 7 central; we're having 3 on Saturday (2 PM, 4 PM and 6 PM) and 3 on Sunday (8 AM, 9:45 AM and 11:30 AM).  If you are interested, the services will be streaming live at   (the dot tv stands for Tennessee Valley, not Television like I thought...)

Next week the children's ministry sewing starts.  Of my list of 8 or so volunteers, 2 of them have already told me they aren't going to be able to make it.  And I still don't know for sure what all we are doing...only that we need to do it quickly.

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