Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Midnight Oil...

Rough night in the theater...

We have a first year director and, boy, is he getting his baptism by fire on this show.    Let's just say this was the kind of evening that results in folks shaking themselves out and pulling it together...or falling into pouts and coming unglued.  It could go either way.  Everyone was exhausted by the end.  But I have seen shows at this point before pull it together and do fabulous, we'll see.  One more rehearsal and then 6 performances.

Costuming, we are in good shape...I think...finally.  There have been no new costumes made; everything has come from either the school's costume shop,  other community theaters costume shops, the thrift store, or folks' own closets.  We've altered and redesigned a few things; most of the sewing is looking at a garment and trying to figure out how to make it work.   The directors' aunt, who is very active in local theater and education and has forgotten more about putting together a cast costume story than I will ever know gave us about 4 days out of her busy schedule and pulled and pinned and instructed and got us on target.  It was kind of amazing to watch.

I learned how to raise the closure on a jacket quick-and-dirty style.  It ain't purdy up close, but from the stage it works pretty well.  Makes those contemporary jackets look much more depression-era, so it was worth doing.   You press the stew out of it, then toptsitich the lapel to the jacket.  Yeah.  Really.  But it works.  We tried just tacking it, but that didn't put enough security on it and it kept reverting to the old roll line.  But once we stitched it down hard, it stayed.

At least so far. ;-)

One more late night; I've got a couple of small things to do...I think...and then it'll be mopping up.

Then I can focus on the children's ministry costumes...

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