Friday, April 27, 2012

Costuming continues

Can I just admit that there are times when I wish my name didn't pop into everyone's mind the moment the word 'costume' comes up?  Don't get me wrong, I really and truly am glad to be able to sew for a cause, and I'd feel really, really awkward if I weren't involved but...there are times...

We are in our second sewing weekend for the children's ministries summer theme.  We're getting a bit more done this time...we've had extra ladies coming with machines...but we've still got a ways to go, and we're running out of time.  We still had a few pieces that we didn't even have fabric for, so I stopped at Hancock's (and hit a great sale!) on the way home and picked up the last chunk of fabric and...hopefully...the last notions we'll need.

It just so happened Vogue patterns were on sale for $4 each; the newest book wasn't in but I found 3 patterns to bring home just the same.  The nod to the 'I wish I had time to sew for ME!' pout.

I picked up Vogue 8669, mostly because I am looking for great one-yard top patterns and I thought the sleeveless version was worth a try.  Vogue 8743 landed in my basket because it's a shoulder-princess style dress.  I think the fabric they show pictured on the website is too stiff for this; I'm seeing it in a nice rayon/linen blend.  And I just happen to have a nice red rayon/linen blend in the stash...

I picked up the Kay Unger dress, Vogue 1241 mostly because I had a Cold Water Creek catalog lying around for the longest time with a black dress the dead spit of that one.  I think I tore the picture out...but who knows where it is.

I have a real hankerin' to make some dresses...dunno where I will wear them, but I am ready to make something pretty and feminine looking.

When we're done with the knights and squires, that is...eventually...

Maybe I can snap some photos of what we're doing tomorrow.

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  1. I spent last weekend cleaning out the dormer room upstairs. It used to be a kids' playroom, but my kids have grown out of needing a playroom. It will soon be a sewing room for ME! It's a small room, but still. I won't have to share the office any more! (And I can make a mess that won't be seen by the world at large!)

    I'm telling myself I'm done with costuming for a LONG while, but I guess we'll see... The little one still goes to an arts school