Sunday, April 08, 2012

Choir Wardrobe 2012 - Easter Weekend

Three days of on Friday, three on Saturday and three on Sunday.   A fuzz over 5,000 folks (counting babies and everybody) attended, spread over the 7 services.  Yes, it was tiring.  But it was also very cool. ;-)

Anyway, the mundane side of it was that there were 3 outfits for choir this weekend.  Fortunately, turquoise is one of the colors that lives in my wardrobe, so it really wasn't so hard.  The colors actually are turquoise, charcoal gray and soft yellow...with jeans...

 Friday night was a last-minute.  I actually had sort of a plan...but, well, I picked up The Flute Player from the school bus stop, hit the grocery store for a couple of things I needed for today's dinner and pulled into the drive a fuzz over an hour before I needed to be ready and out the door.  My hair wasn't behaving well, so I decided I'd hop in the shower and give it a quick wash to see if I could get it to tame down a bit.  I stuck my head in The Actor's room and gave him a notice that we'd need to leave in an hour, and hit the shower.  Just as I got the shampoo lathered up good, he pounded on the bathroom door, and what I pieced together over the sound of the water was that he'd just remembered he'd gotten a text message earlier in the day and he needed to be at church an hour before choir call to help move some furniture.  Which meant that we pretty well should've been walking out the door at that very moment.

At that point, I was committed to the shower, so, well, he was half an hour late.  And I went with my hair gelled instead of  styled, wearing what was hanging in the closet instead of what needed a touch from the iron. But, hey, I was out of the door in less than 30 minutes from when I got the word, so I felt like I had Done My Part. ;-)  This was Coldwater Creek denim jeans,  my gray denim Jalie 2320 jacket and the yellow sweatery-knit Simplicity 2603 top.

Saturday, I did get the ironing done before taking the Flute Player to drama practice.  I stayed with her and measured the cast; that had not been done yet.  I still don't know how much help I'm going to be for that much depends on how well the church sewing  goes this weekend.  I rather expect to spend most of Tech Week evenings at school, doing alterations.  Anyway, we left school about 11, ran home and changed clothes and got a bite to eat, then headed to church for round 2.

This was the first go at New Look 6407; in turquoise cotton/lycra shirting from Hancock's.   I've tweaked the pattern once since this version; I think if I do one more tweak it'll be just about perfect.  But this one isn't, and I usually try to wear a scarf to camouflage the too-low neckline.  ;-).  The scarf was a cheapie from Wal-Mart; the jeans were Lee boot cuts.

Today I wore the 'B Minus Jacket', (Vogue 1100) which hasn't been reviewed yet.  I really would like to find the pattern so I can check and see if the skimpy hems were because I goofed up on an alteration or not.    It's teamed up with another Simplicity 2603 top; this one from sparkly gray jersey knit, and the Coldwater Creek Knit Bootcuts.   The jacket looks rather rumpley, but then, this was AFTER 3rd service today, and I was feeling rather rumpley!   Actually, I think this jacket is something that is going to be worn for its own sake...not because it is particularly flattering, shape-wise.  Part of that is the fabric choice; this is a tropical weight gabardine and, really,  it is not at all forgiving with any kind of wobbly bobble, and I had plenty!  But it feels really good on (it's that silk cotton lining, I'm sure), and I expect I'll wear it, even if it isn't skinnifying.

And about halfway through today's services I wondered why my legs felt so sore.  Then I remembered all the up-and-down I'd done yesterday, measuring inseams and out seams and bending over to write things down...guess I got my exercising done...

Now, after going through all of this, I gotta give a little disclaimer that, really, it's not about the clothes any more than it's about a bunny.  Before we left the house this morning, I posted what was on my heart about the day on my other blog.  Just so you know. ;-)

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