Sunday, April 29, 2012

Choir Wardrobe 04-29-12

There is a cami under this top for security ;-)  The last day of turqoise/gray/yellow, and I just didn't have it in me to do a repeat.  Most of the stuff is hanging on the 'to be ironed' rack anyway, so I pulled out an old poly (ITY? Maybe?  Feels like it) top, Burda 05-2009-103A, and wore it with Lee bootcuts.

So this is the 4th?  I think? Weekend in a row that I had to Do Something (meaning the laundry and the housework is still languishing).  But I had 4 ladies come with machines over the weekend, so we got all the banners trimmed out; one lady took them home to sew all the casings at the top.  We fiddled around and got a decent 'Chain mail hood' pattern...I'll have to post a photo of that one...and I have 9 hoods cut out and ready to sew.  Our progress on the tabbards was a little slower, mostly owing to the fact that we couldn't just go buy 30 packages of wide double fold bias tape.  So, some of them have the double fold tape and some of them we are fudging with single fold, which takes two passes with the machine.  I brought home 12 tabbards, but I think I have talked someone into taking 8 of them off my hands and adding the bias.  The other tabbards were farmed out amongst the other ladies.

So, except for the items that I saw on the list that looks like we need to make that we haven't discussed with our Children's pastors as of yet, I think we may make it.  If I can just motivate myself to go pull the stuff out and sew it.

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