Sunday, April 15, 2012

Choir Wardrobe 0415

It has been a long day.

Long week, in fact. 

I'm not going into the blow-by-blow account, just suffice it to say that I have been home very little this week, as the laundry overflowing the hamper readily testifies.

Now, I had in mind one thing to wear this week, but when I got dressed I found that the top I'd planned was, after all, in the laundry.

I really thought it got through before the crunch hit.  Guess not.

So I went with plan B.  Last week, one of  my friends in the choir handed me a turquoise jacket.  She'd bought it on sale at a local department store, then, after she got it home, decided it just wasn't her style.  So she gave it to me, thinking that if it didn't fit me I might be able to alter it to fit.

It fit pretty well for a RTW jacket, although there were some details that I really think I could've done better...or that I would feel like I should've done better if I had made it.  Still, a free jacket is a free jacket so I thought I'd see if I could remedy at least the most glaring of those items before I wore it.

However, given the excess of unwashed laundry at my house, I grabbed the jacket this morning and wore it with my Lee bootcuts and my rayon/lycra jersey Christine Jonson Baseware 2 t-neck top

And I taught my class, sang in choir for 3 services, and then  went straight to the high school and worked on costume alterations until 5 PM.  Then we took the photo.

Maybe I can wash some clothes after the show opens on Thursday...

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