Sunday, March 11, 2012

Choir Wardrobe 2012 -catching up

Since I still had last week's photo in the camera, I decided to just talk about both weeks today.

Our March colors are silver gray, navy blue, and a weird bright bluey-green that defies my ability to name it.  Or to find it; I've ordered a couple of different knits  that looked close on the monitor from online vendors, only to find that one was way too dark and the other was way too yellow.  So, so far, I'm  batting .000 for the green, which is very pretty and fresh but, wow, I can't find it.

Last week I wore an ancient Kwik Sew 2948 twinset, which was my true introduction to successful knit sewing (if I counted right, it was the 16th review I did, back in '02).  The knit was an amazing high - quality navy blue cotton/lycra that I got from Fashion Fabrics club and wish I could find the likes of it now.  It would fit better if I were 10 pounds smaller, but, well, I'm making do. ;-).  The scarf is a little too grayish, but I'm fudging it anyway. I got it last fall at (I think) Target, just because I liked the color.   I can't remember for sure which jeans I wore; I think they were a pair of Lee bootcuts.

Today I *am* wearing Lee bootcuts, along with a sleeveless navy cotton interlock mock t that I bought about a hundred years ago from Lands' End, under my gray rayon/lycra Jalie 2919 pleated cardigan (slightly modified).  You can barely see the green glass bead necklace that I put on to provide the third's not the right shade of green, either, but it's small and under the lights I thought it would be ok.

I actually cut out about 5 knit tops Friday; two navy, one gray and two aqua (one of April's colors...I'm thinking ahead!)  I have the remnant of the gray satin I used for the recent wadder jacket laid out on the table with my Burda 05-09-108 vest anchored down for imminent cutting, and I have suddenly remembered a piece of green linen that has been in my stash for simply ages that *might* do that may turn into a shirt sometime soon.  Just because it's aggravating me not to have complete options. ;-) 

And, with the computer still limping along at a reduced rate, I seem to have just a wee bit more time for sewing...

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