Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Bullet Points

Borrowing from Debbie tonight...

1. I didn't get my choir wardrobe post up this week
2. During lunch on Sunday, the Flute Player suddenly remembered that she had four essays due on Monday
3. Four.  Essays.
4.  She had written maybe one and a half.
5. So she was on the computer until, like, Midnight.
6. I went to bed at 10.
7. I logged on after supper on Monday to put up the choir post.
8. Late.
9. I scrolled through Google Reader first.
10. While I was there, we got hit with a nasty cyber thingy.
11. I didn't click anything...honest...
12 My Sweet Babboo has managed to get it all off.
13. We think.
14. We HOPE.
15. But everything is hidden.
16. All my shortcuts have disappeared.
17. We think everything important is still here, though.
18. We HOPE.
19.  Why do people do that stuff?
20. Isn't there something productive that all that creativity could be used for?
21. I haven't sewn anything since the Wadder.
22. Even though I really need some choir stuff this month.
23. But it doesn't matter if I repeat Sunday since I didn't get the picture posted.
24.Maybe I'll have a little sewing time on Friday.
25. I hope.

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