Thursday, March 22, 2012

...and Here We Go...

The volunteer sewing front has been very quiet of late.

The calm before the storm, y'all.

A week or so ago our children's pastors asked me to lead the production of a number of costume pieces for our children's summer theme. As in, a small something for each kid participating.

In the little Baptist church we were in for something like 20 years back in the day 'something for each kid' would not be an issue.  But we have hundreds of kids in our children's ministry each week.  This is going to be a pretty major task.  Now, all of those kids won't come to the camp/day camp events that will be part of the whole 'Chronicles of the Kingdom' theme, but, well, we'll have enough to keep us hopping.  And they need them by sometime in May.

We're planning a sew-a-thon for the Thur-Fri-Sat after Easter.  The request for sewing volunteers is going in the church bulletin this week.  If we don't finish that weekend, we may schedule another or...we may just divvy the stuff up and sew it at home.  We'll have to see how it goes.

Then, yesterday I got a text from The Flute Player, saying that the Tech Theater teacher wanted to know if I would head up the costuming for the swiftly upcoming production (as in, the show opens  April 19) of To Kill a Mockingbird.  She has one volunteer who has promised to sew/alter/obtain all the ladies' costumes, and there are a number of folks who are willing to help...could I just be the One in Charge?

I didn't exactly say 'No', but I did indicate that I didn't think I could head up two major costuming efforts at the same time.  I'm willing to help, but I need to be doing it NOW, 'cause once April 12 gets here I'm committed to making little knight/squire/medieval outfits.

And I have a pile of things cut out that I really, really need in my wardrobe that I haven't had time to sew up yet.  Obviously, something has got to give.

I'm betting that something is sleep.  Housework went out the door ages ago...

Still, I have a comp time reserve.  I suppose if I need to, and if the urgent things are done, I *might* be able to take a few days off.  We'll see.

Taking a deep breath. Or two.

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