Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stepping Away from the Shopping Cart

Ok. I'm at over 100 yards in...and a pitiful 34 1/2 yards out.

So what was I doing over know who...filling my cart w/ ridiculously cheap rayon challis? That I don't have room to store and won't have time to sew anytime in the foreseeable future?

I had something like 12 yards of fabric in the cart. For about 30 bucks. Crazy.

But I don't need it right now. I probably don't need it, period. It'd just be more stuff to stash.

So I took a deep breath and closed the window.

But it was hard...HARD! Rayon challis was just Not Available for so long; I'm really fighting my inner brat on this one.

If I can just hold out a few more days, they'll be gone...

Time to turn off the computer and go work on clearing out the sun porch...



  1. Did the same. Closed it and walked. Big Ol' Sigh. We're good, tho, hey?

  2. I wish I had your willpower! Honestly I do!

  3. LOL! Carolyn, if I'd've exercised that willpower earlier in the year I wouldn't have to exercise it now...

    But I'll enjoy seeing which of those prints you got and how you use them!

    MB, I'm good...this time... ;-)

  4. You can do this Lisa - you are right -in a little while you will not miss that material. Go and pull out some beautiful fabric you already own instead - hope this is the kind of support you wanted !

  5. I can certainly understand the temptation. I love a nice rayon challis.