Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Peanuts (R) Big Heavy Drippy Sigh

That's what would be over my head at the moment. I was SO looking forward to this week; it's youth camp week at church, and, due to the amazing awesomeness of our annual Youth Camp at the Beach, nearly our entire pastoral staff manages to go down and be a part of it.

So the business office is pretty unbusy. I planned to take off a couple of days and actually (gasp) SEW!

However, the time has come to pay attention to some home repair issues; we fixed part of the problem but hadn't had a chance to look and see just how bad the damage was from the leaky roof (the fixed part) and poorly set windows and ineffectively drained in-wall air conditioner unit.

The AC unit died and had to be replaced and, oh, wow, when we pulled that sucker out we couldn't hide our heads in the sand any longer. There is Work To Be Done. Serious Work.

Fortunately, it is not actual living space that is crumbling, just the sun porch.

Where I had set up my cutting table and staging area for upcoming projects.

Now I have about a week to get it all emptied.

I don't know where I'm gonna put the stuff, or how I'm gonna sew with it all discombobulated.

I'm thinking I'm just going to give up the living room and computer room for the duration of Phase 1, 'cause I can't NOT sew.

My kids need pirate shirts for the finale of the children's church summer theme.

I have a wedding in about 7 1/2 weeks...and I'm going to be making at least my dress and the Flute Player's dress, and likely some of the bridesmaids dresses, unless they each have a miracle happen as they're shopping for a 'silver gray knee-length dress that does not have sleeves but is not strapless'...which I think is the specs sent to them by The Princess. One of the girls has already called because she has had no luck in finding anything like that. And she lives in the Boston area, and will not be arriving for the wedding until the day before. So, wow, long-distance fitting, here we come.

The contractor tells us that he's pretty sure he can have the essential repairs made by the wedding. It won't be pretty, but at least it will no longer be rotting and moldy. I don't know how many 'phases' of reconstruction are going to happen before we finally have that room pretty and useful. At least three.

I am dreaming of finding the house inspector that came so highly recommended and passed our house w/only minor issues and sending him a gift card for a visit to an optometrist...

Anyway, my plans were based on not being needed at work, and that has rather fallen apart too...the final stage of a really big project (as in, we're at 9 months and counting now) just came back to my desk yesterday. So I'm working at least a bit every day.

And how's this for the starts a week from Monday. Good-bye, summer, I hardly knew you... ;-)


  1. I feel for you, having just yesterday got the house back after two months of water damage related repairs. At least we had functioning bathrooms the whole time! I discovered that there is a certain chaotic charm about having house guests when the kitchen is all torn up...
    I hope you are able to enjoy your wedding-related sewing projects. It can be a cathartic use for the nervous energy generated by being the mother-of-the-bride/groom!

  2. Oh dear ! I`m sure my blood pressure went up reading all of that. A big good luck from down under.Take a deep breathe in and one little step at a time.