Sunday, July 03, 2011

Choir Wardrobe 7/3/11

New month, new wardrobe colors. The colors for July are Turquoise, white and 'oatmeal', which I guess is a light tan. I've got a couple of white jackets, which I thought would do nicely over turquoise tops, but last week we got a reminder of the color switch, and were instructed to wear white as 'an accent' only, since it does not play nice with the color settings in the TV monitors.

I had a bit of a panic, as I didn't have another top layer that fit the criteria, although I do have a turquoise jacket cut out. I asked our choir director, and she told me that a white jacket would be ok...she just didn't want the whole choir in white shirts. But I decided to hold off and see if anyone else wore a jacket as 'an accent piece'.

No one did.

Guess I'd better get crackin' on that turquoise Vogue jacket...

Anyway, my doesn't-need-a-jacket wardrobe for this weekend was:

For Saturday, I pulled out the Original Turquoise Choir Top, the scoop-neck version of Simplicity 4076, made from a rayon blend knit I picked up at Vogue Fabric's booth at the Atlanta Sewing Expo many moons ago (like, oh, 3 years?). It's beginning to look a little pillish; I should probably replace it soon...Anyway, it's over a white Land's End tank top (picked up on sale) and the Lee bootcuts again.

For Sunday, I teamed the wonderful, marvelous, I-will-stand-in-line-to-get-more-at-the-next-sale knit Coldwater Creek Jeans (have I told you how much I love these pants?) with the cotton/lycra poplin New Look 6407 and a very nice Talbot's scarf (can't seem to find any garments at Talbot's that fit my body, but the scarves are lovely). The scarf is a necessity because I had some, um, issues with the neckline on that first go at that pattern and the scarf makes good camouflage ;-).

I need to finish up my grey knit Jalie cardi (starching the daylights out of the to-be-seamed edges helped TREMENDOUSLY with the skipped-stitches issue, but it has slowed the process down to a crawl)...then on to that turquoise jacket...

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