Sunday, July 17, 2011

Choir Wardrobe 7/17/11

This month's colors are turquoise, oatmeal and white (with blue jeans), and I fudged a bit on Saturday, using a top w/a print that also had black (which is always allowed unless otherwise specified) and gray...which I hoped wasn't terribly noticeable on stage.

It's Burda 5/09 #103, made over two years ago for a turquoise/black choir wardrobe. I've got on my original Jalie 965 tank top as a bottom layer, and my straight-legged Lee jeans.

For Sunday, I got bold and wore a white jacket after all; our choir director wore a white jacket last night and said she considered it to be 'an accent', so I decided it would be ok. I think I was the only white jacket in choir...

It's Vogue 8045, made from white poly/cotton twill. I gotta confess, when I linked the review I was surprised that no one else has reviewed that jacket. It's such a flattering design; I get comments on it frequently...especially the denim version, because the top stitching stands out so much on that. I gotta make another one, I think...

The jacket's over my TNT sleeveless shell top, the Loes Hinse City Dress bodice, made from silk/lycra charmeuse (wonderful stuff!!!) and, of course, worn with my Coldwater Creek knit bootcuts.

My Sweet Baboo gave me a CWC gift card for my birthday...I'm watching for a good sale. There may be more knit jeans in my future. ;-)

PS (added after I realized where we were on the calendar)'s time for the Quarterly Blogging break, so I'll be pretty much off the 'net for a week... be back w/next week's post.

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