Sunday, July 10, 2011

Choir Wardrobe 7/10/11

The Goofy Photos Edition
Our colors for this month are turquoise, white and oatmeal; white is actually supposed to be an 'accent', as the cameras don't handle it well. But that was a late word to us; I had two white jackets that I was planning to wear and now I'm scrambling to make up the difference.

See, one of our choir wardrobe specs is 'no sleeveless tops'. So the sleeveless shells/tank tops that I was *going* to wear under my white jackets aren't really available, unless I figure out some way to get some sleeves on my arms.

BUT...there were a couple of things going on this week. Saturday I was out running errands and got home with barely enough time to change shirts. So I grabbed a turquoise Girls Ministry T shirt and just made do with my errand-running Gloria Vanderbilt Mom jeans and a vest that I made so long ago (10 years, maybe?) I don't remember the pattern number...or even which pattern company it was. It's white lace over white taffeta and, being how it's 10ish years old, it's too little, but I made it work over the T. Sort of, anyway. I rolled the sleeves up on the t-shirt but by the time we got home and got the photos (like I said, we were way short on time before church) the sleeves had unrolled and I didn't even realize it.
It looked way cooler w/the sleeves rolled, but you'll have to trust me on that.

I was also playing around with stance and pose, trying to, in Louise Cutting's words, make a 4 cushion sofa look like a love seat. Mostly I just looked like I had to go potty really bad. I even succeeded in making my favorite jeans look weirdly wrinkled. Ah, well, it's all on the learning curve.

So, today I had on the afore-mentioned fave jeans (yes, the Coldwater Creek knit boot cuts), and I used my beigy linen tank top modification of Loes' Hinse's City Dress bodice. This was part of my 2006 SWAP set and, well, it's on the snug side, too. Plus it is sleeveless. So I kind of experimented by throwing my turquoise New Look 6407 shirt that I wore last week on over it. The weirdness at the neckline of the New Look shirt didn't matter, since it was just a top layer.

It's interesting how a last minute shift in the wardrobe and limited sewing time are making me a little more creative in what I put on...I probably wouldn't have EVER worn either of those combos had I not *really needed* to come up with something that fit the criteria. Good outside the box challenges...

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  1. I think you did some great quick thinking to put those outfits together. True, bright white is always a problem in costuming from my experience, we usually use something less bright, but that will "read" as white under lights.