Friday, July 15, 2011

Breakin' 100.

And I'm not actually talking about the weather, although I could be. Trying to remember those snow days back in January...

Anyway, after being SO GOOD last year and keeping my fabric acquisitions under 80 yards, this year I broke 100 before the end of July.

So I'm gonna hafta start deleting those sale emails.

And I really need to block some serious sewing time off; I've got so many projects I want to make that I just can't seem to get to.

Anyway, what is hopefully going to be the last 'fabric in' for awhile arrived yesterday.

Between a sale, a coupon and generous cutting, I got two pieces of silk charmeuse for under $8/yard, including shipping. I ended up with almost 7 yards of the purple, and it is 54" wide. So...I WILL have some silk PJ's some day! ;) The colors are a bit off; they really are darker. The blue in the middle is actually another bamboo/lycra knit, but it feels slightly less yummy than the purple that I got previously, which was extraordinary. This is just nice.

Do I sound spoiled?? LOL.

Now, if I could just get a little uninterrupted time with my sewing machines...


  1. It sounds like you hit up the Fabric Mart sale and if you did you showed marvelous restraint. I can't say the same! *LOL*

  2. LOL! True fabricaholics know their dealers... ;-)

    The total dollars charge was one of the highest of the year, though, restraint or not.

  3. The order I got today put me over the 100 yard mark too. I am at about the 75 yard mark for fabric going OUT though, so i'm not doing too bad. I want to make a few of those free HP downloads offered on (the shorts and the new wrap) each one takes about 3 yards, so I could cut into the new yardage right away. I would like to end the year with as close to parity as possible.

  4. Although a little envious of your access to such lovely material I am also glad not to have the temptation. I have about 5 years worth of fabric to sew without buying another thing. I think your church outfits worked out well - I have sewn that New Look shirt as well and always had to wear a brooch so I wasn`t uncomfortable. Hope you get to those silk PJs soon - they would be amazing to wear.

  5. The fabrics are gorgeous and it sounds like you got a good deal, so it's all good!